I was in Copenhagen last October teaching for a month at Mysore Yoga Copenhagen and Sesam had his second ultrasound at Rigshospitalet. I am back now on maternity leave while Petri teaches his annual spring workshop at Mikko’s place. It’s funny not to leave for the shala at half past five in the morning, but it’s great to be back in this amazing city, especially during spring time! It was little Sesam’s second yoga trip and first airplane ride. He was a little fussy before taking off. Luckily, after he drank some milk, he slept throughout! Yes! I kind of went crazy-inspired with the pictures, so this will be a photo blog about the random and awesome things I saw about town! 🙂

First up, food! If you are in the Nørrebro area, you must stop by Grød, a humble little basement eatery, for porridge and risotto. It’s a simple concept and it’s seriously good. They use seasonal ingredients, so we drank rhubarb lemonade and ate a delicious rhubarb compote dessert porridge. They also use lots of skyr, that creamy Icelandic yoghurt…yum! Two things: Their cookbook is available for sale, but it’s in Danish and the service is not too quick, so be sure you have enough time to spare!


(Top) About to dive into some refreshing rhubarb lemonade; (Center) The barleyotto with watercress and asparagus; (Bottom) Sesam enjoys some post-meal impromptu throat-singing.

If there is one street I could happily spend an afternoon walking along, it would be Jægersborggade. In addition to Grød, there are a bunch of interesting little shops, boutiques and cafes. Here are some street shots to capture the eco-bohemian flair…



IMG_1992‘Sup dawg?

IMG_1993       IMG_1994 IMG_1995      IMG_1996 IMG_1997

IMG_2085  Above: The confectioner at work saw us peeking in and cut us each a piece of this strawberry taffy. It was still soft and warm…!



Above and below: This shop would have been a slam dunk, what with the cool Welcome to Jam Rock hat and Hustle Athletic sweatshirt on display…(Mother’s Day gift, anyone?) Unfortunately, they were never open during the times listed on the door. Lame! 😦



At one end of Jægersborggade, you will find the large city cemetery where H.C Anderson and Søren Kierkegaard, among others, are buried. I must say, it’s tremendously beautiful to visit a quiet place of eternal rest when the verdant spring atmosphere is blooming with fresh life…

IMG_2020 IMG_2017

IMG_2015 IMG_2014 IMG_2012  IMG_2010 IMG_2008 IMG_2007So, before I make this a really long tumblr feed of pictures, I’ll leave you wanting more 😉 and continue with things in a new post, very very soon!

Stay blessed and enjoy the life you live. Om!

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