Ok, here is the final part of my photo series from our CPH trip. With more time and the right transportation, I would have loved to visit the university botanical garden and the Glyptoteket.To say the least, I find this city super cool and fun, and it’s only a short plane ride from Helsinki!

The theme for this post will be kittens and fashion, but first up, Sesam attends his first afternoon Q & A…

sesam's first workshop

Our friends and hosts, Mikko and Helena, have a beautiful #ragdoll cat named Mary Poppins. Ms. Poppins just gave birth about four weeks ago to a litter of four adorable kittens, each one named after a Golden Age Hollywood star (think Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly…) We took Sesam over to meet them…



Below: I know how you feel mama!


Below: Cute human species baby…meet cute cat species baby.


One thing I really appreciate about the residents of Copenhagen is that they know how to dress! There is a definite sense of fashion in this town. What’s more, they know how to look good while keeping it practical  for biking and inclement weather! Here are a few details that caught my eye…

Below: That bag is not going anywhere! That is one great way to reuse a safety belt!


Below: Can you believe this coat is from H&M? I like the pocket bow detail, fun fabric on the inside, and the way the color changes in different light.

IMG_2089 IMG_2097 IMG_2092


Below: Betsey Johnson handbag; ❤ the ❤ detail, What I didn’t document was the inside fabric: red roses on black…awesome!

IMG_2037 IMG_2036 IMG_2035 IMG_2034

Below: These fetching earrings are from a Danish women’s jewelry brand, Pilgrim. Great choice, Susanna!
IMG_2105 IMG_2109

Below: Not necessarily fashion per se, but these light fixtures at Meyer’s Deli on Godthåbsvej go well with my penchant for all things #blackandgold. The matte-shine contrast is also pretty cool!


Below: But these sandals fit the #blackandgold fashion mould perfectly!


Below: I was quite proud of this outfit for Sesam, complete with the Benetton sweater vest I got for 2€ at a children’s clothing flea market in Helsinki. The elfin cap and mouse booties were gifts!


Below: Thank you Mikko and Helena for another great visit to Copenhagen! 🙂

myc picThis wraps up my Copenhagen photo series. Do you know of any treasures to be discovered in this fair city? Please comment below and share the love, dear readers!

Stay blessed and enjoy the life you live! Om!

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