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Still none too sure about bold statements which link ‘something as the new something else’. This trend seems to be everywhere in the collective conscious these days. There’s the wildly popular TV series Orange in the new Black. This color is the new that color seems to make the rounds in the fashion industry on the reg. I saw a notebook claiming Old is the New Young, and I recently watched a vlog warning that Sitting is the New Smoking! Meaning, bad! Don’t do it, better you hover around your desk at the office for six, seven, eight hours at a stretch. No, they didn’t say that. The vlog was actually giving away this funky-looking work station where you neither stand nor sit entirely, but have this cool swivel chair thingy which is apparently good for your spine, posture, et al. Huh, the things they come up with…worth having a fink about though I s’pose. We do do a lot of sitting after all…

But! I digress. So, while these catchy phrases which eternally recycle and reuse concepts may start to get a wee bit annoying, I appreciate the sentiment behind this one simply because it links my passion, livelihood and whole life philosophy really (yoga) with a dear hobby of mine (knitting), so for all purposes, yes, knitting just might be something like a form of yoga.


It’s meditative (something about those small, repetitive movements makes you step out of the rational mind and enter ‘the zone’- only exception, all lace stitches…you kind of need to pay attention and count stitches and stuff). Knitting shows you how super tense you are because your stitches will be extremely small and tight, in the same way you can tell about your state of mind (disturbed breath, disturbed mind) as you link breath and movement together during your yoga practice. Both knitting and yoga can be utterly soothing and benign ways to spend your time. Watch those women at the kauppatori knitting up all those socks and tell me that’s not an expression of giving, service and bhakti (devotion).

And I am not alone in this sentiment of the synergy between knitting and yoga either. The Guardian wrote a nice piece on the link between these two activities. Yoga Journal also wrote an article about the connection between knitting and yoga, and this was back in 2008, so needless to say, this idea that yoga and knitting have something in common has been percolating in the ether for a good amount of time. Which is why I love WATG…

WA … say what? W. Wool. A. And. T.The. G.Gang. Wool and the Gang. woolandthegang. You can read their story (minimal text, pretty pictures) here. Basically, they are all about taking knitted garments out of factories and bringing the creation process back into our hands, quite literally, and communities. As they write in their website:


With this in mind and knowing that steps toward ecofashion and sustainability would sit well with Finnish knitters and yogis, I hosted the first WATG workshop (that I am aware of) here in Helsinki at my dearly beloved second-living room, Brooklyn Cafe. It was a lovely, cozy affair, a humble start to what I envision will be a revival of knitting as a reason to get together, create something and chat with good friends. We worked on making a necklace using yarn made from t-shirt material, which have been resourced using left-overs from garment factories. So, not only are the designs super cool and bangin’ but this is also a company with a conscience, making an effort to reduce their impact on the environment.

Here are some pictures from the event, the icing on the cupcake, so to speak. (By the way, if you haven’t yet been to either Brooklyn Cafe or Brooklyn Bakery, go, just go. Conceived and managed by the Todd sister team, they bring warmth, love and heart into everything they do and it shows. Brooklyn Cafe is my go-to spot to keep that friendly, down-home feeling close by. Ok, now the pictures:

The stage is set…


Cupcakes first…


Then follows a little casting on…      IMG_3020

Katri in action


Carita models her new earring design


Voila! A Sansa Choker in Forest Green Jersey Be Good Yarn. From start to finish? Approx. 1 hour


Thank you yogi ladies for the lovely evening!


Stay tuned for more WATG events to follow. I’ll be posting what projects I get up to on Instagram so you can find me there too. In the meantime, you can check out some video tutorials on http://www.woolandthegang.com to distinguish your knits from your purls. And remember that if you love their fashion knitwear but have enough on your plate and can’t take on another project just yet, you can always order stuff ready made by the guerilla gang of knitters!

So, dear readers – yogis n’ knitters, movers n’ shakers – here’s to many more cozy gatherings where we celebrate the eco-sustainable DIY ethos and create relaxed, joyful company in each other’s presence. Next up, knitting while listening to a lecture on yoga philosophy. I, for one, am joining the merry band of knitters at the Houtskär yoga retreat who do just that! Who says you can’t have your (cup) cake and eat it too…hmmmm?! Who’s with me? 🙂

Until then, stay blessed and keep your knit on! Om ❤

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  1. Yes absolutely! Maybe we can start at midsummer retreat already? I can show you the traditional way to do finnish wool socks in a way women in my family has done it for decades.
    Knitting is such a lovely way to spend dark winter days! Hanna

    1. You bet! I’ve already run the idea of a knitting group with some of the regular Midsummer participants and they are excited. We will create a different kind of meditation group, as our needles go clickety clackety click! Looking forward to it!

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