Yes, yes y’all. I took the plunge and participated in a 10-day Instagram yoga challenge. I know, I know, the yoga world is already full of people posting all kinds of yoga poses on social media, do we really need to see another?

I’ll leave you to decide on how you wish to answer that, but truth be told, it was fun to feel like part of a yoga community again! Okay, so it was virtual, but hey, as a full-time mama getting her yoga asana self- practice in at home whenever it works with baby’s nap time, things can feel a bit isolating from time to time. I long to be able to practice in a full shala, Mysore-style, riding the energy wave of several dozen Ashtangis next to me, but that might take awhile. So until then, this challenge was a stand-in, and it was totally fun to feel connected to a wider group of all the folks who participated in this yoga challenge.

As a child, standing on my hands felt like pure, giddy joy. As an adult, I find all sorts of thoughts racing through my head when it comes to inversions. These all stem from fear, self-doubt and self-limiting ideas like,” I am not   ___________ enough” or  ” I am too ____________.” My motivation behind posting these pictures was not primarily to show off and say, ” Oh, look what I can do.” (Having said that though, I wouldn’t necessarily discount a natural and healthy sense of accomplishment either). Anyway, my main reason for posting these pictures is that I wish to cultivate a bit of that wholesome joie de vivre, instill some of it in the midst of all this adult responsibility while challenging myself to engage with stuff which my inner critic forbids me to consider juuuust might be possible. While trying new things with my body (carefully and within reason, always) I hope to create this same sense of adventure and possibility in my mind, if only just for the fun of it. PLUS, I gotta tell ‘ya, nothing gets rid of mama burnout quicker and ‘free-er’ than placing all your weight into your hands and kicking your legs up in the air! Talk about a radical shift in perspective! 🙂

Just in case you aren’t on Instagram, you can check out some of the pictures on my facebook page. (While you’re there, you can go ahead and ‘like’ my page, if you haven’t done so already) 😉 Finally, thanks to my hubby hubs for being the photographer on this project.

And so, my challenge for all you yoga mamas out there: will you join me for the next yoga challenge? If so, follow me on Instagram (@ashtangimami) and I will tag you in the next challenge I join.

Stay blessed lovelies and celebrate life (upside down)! Om ❤


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