Hey now…so I’m fixin’ up a quick blog post here in Glastonbury after a week or so in London town. I assisted Petri in the morning mysore classes during his three-day workshop at The Life Center  in Islington. Those mornings felt very tranquil. In a naturally well-lit and spacious shala there was a gentle, quiet and meditative atmosphere to the room. Almost without trying, the synergy in the space felt effortlessly relaxed. In general, we found big-city London exciting, dynamic, super diverse and multicultural but also a tad (as in, very) draining; especially on the old Underground, what with its long winding stairwells and serious lack of lifts, combined with the baby buggy and all. Yes, Glastonbury, with its one main street and fresh country air is much more to our speed…I feel creativity and life force rushing back en masse…Ahhhh, lovely!

Having said that, however, fellow commuters on the Choob were staggeringly polite and desperately helpful (save for rush hour) when it came to strangers lending a hand by helping to carry the baby stroller up and down the stairs. I managed to not shop at all in London which actually wasn’t all that difficult in the end. There were lots of pretty things to appreciate and not buy, of which I have been posting on my instagram page. Head on over to @ashtangimami on tha GRAM and you will find some frightfully rudimentary drawings (man, I really need to take a Sketching Basics class sometime) of all the beautiful things I’ve seen and not bought. Like these awesome Comme des Garçons seeing heart sneakers on display at a boutique in Islington:


Anyway, I am writing for a special reason today…if you check out the Purple Valley Yoga Center you tube channel, you will find two episodes featuring yours truly: an interview on yoga and pregnancy and a modified ‘pregnancy’ primary series practice. I actually have yet to watch them because something about watching oneself gives one the heebie-jeebies but I do hope you find them useful, helpful and informative.

Om ❤ you guys!

(featured image photographer: Jenni Gästgiver)

2 thoughts on “Ashtangi Mami x Purple Valley Yoga Center

  1. Thank you dear Wambui, for sharing! I was really touched by your honest account on post pregnancy practice…
    I wish you all the best and I do hope to come to one of the workshops soon.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Petra. I am starting this year with teaching some Ashtanga workshops in Sweden and Finland; part of the workshop will feature pre/during/post pregnancy yoga practice. Hope to see you soon 🙂

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