As I sit in my sister’s sweet and cosy home in Long Beach, California, I take in as much respite as I can in order to shore myself up for life on the road.

The start of the six-month tour was actually cushioned quite nicely at my brother’s home in Spokane. Now I am back with family in the USA after a little less than a month’s time in Central and South America. Well, not entirely all of it, Mexico (Tulum and Saltillo), Chile (Santiago) and Peru (Cusco, Pisac and the Sacred Valley, Urubamba). I took very few pictures and was not on the internet very consistently during this leg of the tour. Partly due to logistics and wifi availability but mostly to utterly be there then (as in Ram Dass’s epic BE HERE NOW). Some experiences need to be taken in without the distraction of selfie culture and social media, processed and integrated into one’s self.

As a 20-something year old, confused and overwhelmed by life in America and my place in it, I felt a tug towards the South of the border in a search for my roots. Mexico is lovely and I feel a strong affinity with its strong folklore, art, music and culture.
















After college, I spent six months in Chile, learning Spanish while teaching English, so that country holds a special place in the narrative of my memories. This was my first trip to Peru and I must say, the Sacred Valley, Urubamba, Pisac and Cusco…man, all these places surrounded by the clouds and those magnificent, magnificent mountains. The very architecture and layout of these towns is determined by the topography of the Andes mountains. Absolutely incredible, I must say, despite the altitude which makes for laboured, out of breath, asana and pranayama practice, go! Go if you can…

That’s all for now  love bugs. Pour one out for Mother Earth and Om ❤





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